Yakup Bicer Biography

Yakup Biçer has been in the fashion industry for 30 years. He has created fashion shows and projects in Turkey and in many fashion capitals as a partner to ÖNER EVEZ FASHOIN EVENT’S MAGEMENT company. He has collaborated with many well-known designers and brands.

In October 2019, he presented his own fashion show for his brand Y PLUS within the scope of Istanbul Mecedes Benz Fashion week with the collection “Pehlivan”. The collection carries the essence of traditional Kırkpınar wrestlers. İn February 2020 the designer did his first international debut with London Fashion Week. His fashion Show was a great success and was in the spotlight of British and world press.

Designer Yakup Bicer chose the superheroes of his land and roots as the inspiration for his first collection of Wrestlers. He wanted to share the story of these heroes, which amaze the whole world, representing strength, courage and originality, with a new generation of young people who closely follow fashion. Biçer emphasis his collection with his culture’s roots and authencity.

Y PLUS collection carries different patterns and aims to change the perception of the style with sophisticated, avant-garde and comfortable unexpected layerings defining the “new cool” regardless of gender.